Monday, May 09, 2016

Open Sheet - Equal Rights for Panel Schedules

This new right-click choice exists, within the Project Browser, for views that are on sheets. Views that are real that is. Schedules are special views, they can be placed on more than one sheet (like Legends). Electrical Panel Schedules share this distinction but unlike other schedules they are not nearly as likely to require being placed on more than one sheet. Their schedule-ness makes this right click option invalid for them too.

I realize it probably isn't easy or perhaps even possible to segregate this schedule-ness from Panel Schedules but I would have found it very handy to be able to use the Open Sheet concept for them several times today. In this instance it would have been faster than navigating through a very long list of sheets. I suppose it is also possible that some firms do need to be able to put Panel Schedules on more than one sheet, in which case...bummer for me and my wish...


Unknown said...

I second your thoughts on the panel schedules. I believe they should behave more like views than schedules. On larger projects our users struggle with accidentally placing the same schedule on multiple sheets. Also, as Steve mentioned it can be tedious sifting through sheets to locate a particular panel schedule. I personally don't see a need to place the same panel schedule on multiple sheets. I am interested to hear if anyone else has the same thoughts.

Sam said...

I agree, but wouldn't limit it to panel schedules at all. If a schedule or legend has been placed on multiple sheets, a list of these sheets could be shown. Seems easy enough.

I like the tool so far, but would like to see more, AND... I would like to be able to add a keyboard shortcut to it.