Sunday, May 01, 2016

Revit 2017 - Calculated Values in Tags

This addition permits us to do the same thing to tags that we've been using in schedules. For example, in a tag I'd like to show the difference between the client required area and the actual area of a room. That wasn't possible without some export/import or Dynamo shenanigans. Now it is possible, right in a tag.

This starts in the Edit Label dialog via a new button, then it is the same as the dialog we've seen in Schedules.

Since these can be used in schedules and tags, and it has to be done separately for each use, it probably makes sense to document all of the formulas we use so they are easily harvested for another project. Build them into a template and there is less need to do that at all. Regardless it wouldn't hurt to have a Drafting View set aside with the text versions of all the formulas we use stored there. That way a simple Copy/Paste operation can harvest a formula to use in a tag or a schedule or both.


RevitCat said...

Thanks for the drafting view tip - great idea. In fact it would be wise to do so anyway, now that applying schedule view templates can zap your hard-won schedule formulas in one mouse-click

Haden D. Smith, AIA said...

I am trying to be able to tag a door with a tag that shows a different graphic in the tag based on a parameter in the door (shared instance parameter for Fire Rating). for example, full blue circle for 90 minute, half red symbol for 45 minute, etc.

So far, the only way I can get this to happen is to embed several graphic symbols within the door that get turned on by yes/no parameters set by a formula check within each actual door family that will be tagged. This could be exhausting to have to add this functionality within each door. Can anyone think of a way to add a check within the tag for values of the Door's parameter? (I even tried the new Revit 2017 functionality that lets you use formulas for label values within tags, but this only allows the formula result to be displayed within a label -- not used to define a visibility yes/no parameter within the tag to turn off or on different graphics like I am looking to do.

Thanks in advance for any help!

-- Haden Smith, St. Louis, MO

Steve said...

Haden - Your system seems to work for you but you don't like the extra burden of management it places on you and your library of content. That's par for the course when people customize their documentation like this.

Who benefits the most from the effort and is it worth it? Do the people you do this for actually recognize and acknowledge it as valuable?

If there is any ambiguity in the answers to those questions I'd be open to trying other things. For example, color coding using filters could turn each kind of fire rating for doors to a unique color. Since you're using color in your existing symbols that suggests to me that generating color prints isn't a problem. If so, why not just turn the whole door symbol the correct color?

Another approach could use Dynamo (or API) and place additional symbols at specific locations per door based on its rating. It could be used to change tag types based on the information too.

Either of these approaches just require you do store the correct fire rating value in the door and not the extra formulas etc. You trade that effort for API programming or Dynamo. Usually the API route will outperform the manual stuff if you can dictate a reliable enough process for the computer to do the heavy lifting. - Good luck!