Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Revit 2017 - Text Element Error Message

I created a drafting view and placed a single text element. I type a simple sentence and then clicked the new Close button on the ribbon. I received this nonsensical warning for my effort.

Doesn't seem to matter what view I am placing text in, clicking the Close button pops up the warning. I'm curious if others are seeing this too? I was using the stock architectural template from the Imperial Library. Simple fix is to just finish text in the same old way, don't use the Close button.

Edit: A little more testing and the plan view Level 1 doesn't seem to mind anymore. When I tried it again in the Construction template the floor plan view Level 1 didn't complain but Level 2's did and the Ceiling plan for Level 1 did too. Okay...more weirdness. This is after placing text in an Elevation view.

Traded emails with Aaron Maller last evening and pinned down the circumstances that this issue is reproduceable. It boils down to placing text in a view and then placing text in another view while the previous view is still open. Revit doesn't seem to recognize that the new text is in a different view when the Close button is used. Here's a video explanation.


DaveP said...

I had that happen to me once in the mythical beta program.
Reported it as a bug, but they were unable to reproduce it, and I couldn't either, so the bug report never went anywhere.

Damien said...

Steve, I copied your test in the metric template. IDENTICAL behaviour. Ground floor was fine, level 1 wasn't. likewise for the other view types you described. I like this glitch, it made me laugh.

A Revit Convert said...

I have noticed that after selecting the text the only way you can move it (besides the actual move command and the arrow keys) is by hovering over the 4 way arrow in the upper left corner. You can no longer "grab and move" it by the extents box.

Steve said...

If the text is selected then the Move icon must be used. If it isn't already selected then the Drag elements on selection feature will determine if it can be dragged immediately. If that is on then it can be dragged immediately.