Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Multi-Segment Grid and Crop Boundary Interaction

When one segment of a multi-segment grid passes entirely beyond a views crop boundary that segment is not displayed. That seems reasonable to me. The annotation at the end of the grid however also disappears and that doesn't seem as reasonable to me. I'd like that to remain especially since (when) that end isn't coming into contact with the crop boundary. It is easier to see with a video capture embedded below. Whaddyathink?


Unknown said...

I hope this gets addressed soon. Would there be a crop view setting that could be turned on that needs to be modified to alter crop view visibility?

Steve said...

Abigail - I don't understand your question, sorry. The crop boundary can be turned off, both cropping behavior and being visible. That's what the icons on the View Shortcut Bar do as well as the check boxes in the view's properties: Crop View and Crop Region Visible. The former crops or doesn't crop the view and the latter shows or hides the boundary.

The issue described in the video still exists in Revit 2018.