Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Using Shared Coordinates - Do Not Remove the Link

I hear and read quite often these days that people will use Acquire Coordinates on an imported file and then remove the link. They import the source file again but use Positioning: Auto by Shared Coordinates. The reason offered is usually that they are doing it because they want to prove to themselves that the file IS sharing coordinates.

It is NOT a necessary step. Don't bother to do it. It won't harm your project if you do, it's just pointless.


Unknown said...

I prefer to export the models into IFC and have quick peek to see if they are coordinated rather than using Revit itself.

What are your views on this process?

Steve said...

Since Revit and IFC have only recently been "in sync" via shared coordinates very recently I use Export to DWG or importing into Navisworks to verify alignment externally.