Thursday, February 19, 2015

Copy Monitor - What Elements are in a Relationship?

A friend recently asked if there is an easy way to find out what elements are currently involved in a Copy/Monitor relationship. Good question! No easy button exists for this that I'm aware of. Sure we can select all grids and looks for C/M monitoring icons. That's not too hard for levels and grids. It's much less fun for walls, columns, floors or any of the MEP related categories that can be involved.

It might be an interesting question/problem for enterprising Dynamo aficionados or API programmers?

It would be nice to generate a report of the elements in a relationship and with which model and elements their relationship is based upon. I think it is just another example of the kind of refinement that Revit's collaboration tools ought to have.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain how you approached this? For example what fields did you use/create?

Scott Viney said...

Out of curiosity, is there a way to find out which model an item is monitored to?

For example I have multiple models linked in and the window has come up when opening this model that it needs coordination review. How do I figure out what needs coordinating?

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Just curious to know if any progress has been made on a tool that could accomplish this task in Revit...?

Thank you.

Steve said...

If there is I'm not aware of it yet.