Sunday, February 01, 2015

Phases and Phase Filters Follow Up

I received a comment from a reader asking how to show all the elements in a view after having done the demolition work. The Phase Filter Show All should provide this however in this case they were attempting to show everything from a later phase. In this scenario there are three phases: Phase 1 (existing), Phase 2 (new work) and Phase 3 (the view they want to see things from).

That poses a problem because the earlier work (demolition and temporary) will not be displayed anymore because it is "gone" when you move forward in time to a view assigned to phase 3. This image is of a 3D view that is assigned to Phase 2 using Phase Filter Show All.

In Phase 3 items that were created in Phase 1 and 2 are both regarded as existing now, as long as they were not also demolished since they were created. Once they are demolished they no longer "exist" as far as that View and Phase Filters are concerned. This is what we see in Phase 3 with Phase Filter Show All.

To show all the proposed work together, Phase 1 (existing) and Phase 2 (new work) should be sufficient. In a view assign it to Phase 2 and use Show All Phase Filter. It is important to understand that elements always belong to a particular phase but their appearance (controlled by Phase Graphic Overrides) is affected by the Phase settings of the view they are seen in and that changes from view to view.

We really can only see all elements, including those that have been demolished or are temporary from a view assigned to "now" and one phase further in the past. Any further in the past than one phase and those demolished and temporary items are no longer part of our virtual world.

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Dave Baldacchino said...

You should be able to see everything, regardless of the Phase assigned to the view, as long as you set your Phase Filter to "none".