Sunday, May 18, 2014

Revit 2015 Tag Leader Snapping

Revit 2015 has changed how tags and their leaders behave. They are more similar to text and their leaders. Specifically Revit respects the length and position of the leader's shoulder. When we drag the tag, using the move/grip, the leader's shoulder stays intact, follows the tag.

In the past, Revit left the grip for the end of the shoulder in the original location and we had to move it, an extra step, to revise its position relative to the tag. Unfortunately I've noticed that tags don’t seem to snap into alignment with each other as well now.

You'll see in the video above that when I move the tag it doesn't see the other tags. I find it unfortunate and a bit ironic that I have to purposely move the shoulder away to get the tag to snap into alignment with another tag and then fix the shoulder.

Ironic since I have to use the extra step to get the snapping behavior I want, the extra step the new feature is suppose to eliminate. This could be limited to my computer and its graphics card and driver. I'm curious if others can confirm this is happening for them too.

2014 Revit OpEd

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DT said...

Hi Steve,

Just tried this on my computer, exact same behaviour. Disappointing (and a little funny).