Friday, May 16, 2014

Deleting Spaces or Rooms in Schedules

Want to delete all the Spaces or Rooms you see in a schedule? Take these steps:
  • Scroll the bottom of the schedule
  • In one fluid sequence click to select the last row (left mouse button) and...
  • Drag your cursor UP until it is over the ribbon (yes, beyond the schedule)
  • Let go of the left button
  • Click Delete
Revit will prompt with a total number of elements that will be deleted. It should match however many was listed in the grand total. Wherever you put your cursor in the schedule and drag up to the ribbon, Revit will let you delete all rooms from there to the top of the schedule even though it is off screen

If you try the same thing from the top down you only get as many rows as are visible in the schedule window.

2014 Revit OpEd

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