Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where are the Constraining Dimensions

When you edit a family that someone else created you may encounter a situation where the constraints that control it aren't readily visible. Yeah, it could even happen to you with content you created. These are a few things to consider when you start hunting for them.

Inside the Sketch - It is possible to add dimensions and parameters to control solids/voids while editing their sketch. If that's been done you won't see them unless you edit the sketch for that solid/void.

Associate Family Parameter - The little sneaky gray button (that has a tool tip since 2014) allows us to constrain some things without an actual dimension in canvas. We just connect the dots between the parameter of the form with a parameter.

Automatic Sketch Dimensions - These kick in when you start creating parameters and elements without tying them to anything specific. Revit guesses what you have in mind. They'll usually only be visible while you are editing a solid/void. They are definitely off by default in Visibility/Graphics. You'll find them under the Annotation Categories tab. I've written about these in the past.

Choice of View - Sometimes the dimension isn't in a view that we'd expect it to be in. For example the stock door template has the width parameter in an elevation view instead of the plan view. I certainly wouldn't expect to find it there. I try hard to put X/Y oriented dimensions in plan views and Z oriented dimensions in elevations, usually Front but occasionally Right.

Visibility/Graphics - Sometimes dimensions are just turned off in the family's views.

2014 Revit OpEd

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