Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not Enough Time

My daughter plays soccer, it is one constant that she's stayed focused on since she was old enough to play. Jack, her coach, shared a bit of wisdom with the parents the other night during a team meeting. Now this is biased toward our daughters of course but I see some parallels that work for me too.

168 hours in a week
84 hours for sleep (12 a night, hah usually more like 6 maybe 8)
35 hours in school (for me it's work and probably a bit more than 40)
10 hours of homework (I don't have homework do I?)
7 hours for practice (drums?, or commuting in LA traffic)
5 hours "me time" (never enough me time)

Leaves 27 hours of available time for practice, extra effort

I guess that excuse, "I just don't have time to learn the Revit API" is a lie I keep telling myself?


Robert said...

I'm pretty sure I spend more than 27+10+5 keeping the house in one piece, helping with the cleaning, shopping and raising a family... not sure where the "me time" goes.... :-)

Steve said...

Don't tell yourself the lie Robert, just don't go there :)

Unknown said...

hey, you didn't factor in getting in shopping, cleaning, unpacking the dishwasher, taking a shower. :-)

Unknown said...

Hey, you didn't factor in washing, cleaning, unpacking the dishwasher,going shopping, taking a shower etc etc. :-)

Brian Beck said...

I'm scared to break down "A Week in the life". I may find one foot on a banana peel and the other foot on a slippery slope. Definition of an "over constrained" family. ;^)