Thursday, February 21, 2013

Worksharing Display Users

When you are using the relatively new Worksharing Display feature you can see which users are assigned to which colors in this dialog.

The history of users interacting with a file can turn into quite a list, it doesn't refresh to reflect the current users, at least not all the time anyway. It seems to retain all the users that have owned or borrowed elements in the file. The little button lurking beneath the list will let you delete inactive users.

You can just start deleting users, don't worry, Revit will tell you if someone is currently borrowing or owning something in the file.


Alfredo Medina said...

That is a very interesting feature. A colorful way to know who's working on what, and where. In relation to the Worksharing Monitor, do these two features complement each other?

Anonymous said...

Where do you find this command?

Steve said...

Worksharing monitor does not connect or use this but the two compliment each other if you use them both. Combined they provide greater insight into what is going on.

Worksharing Display is found at the bottom of each view, toward the right end of the view control shortcut bar.