Saturday, February 09, 2013


I know people care a lot about where leaders start on blocks of text. Some want them to start at the first line, others at the bottom line and still others at the center of the text. Personally this has always felt like fussiness, focusing on trees and missing the forest. For eleven years I spent some of my time reading drawings to either bid on a project or to try to build something with them. I never got upset about such things. I WAS frustrated when the leader didn't point at the correct thing or fell short of "something" to point at. Where the leader started never confused me as long as it was clear which note it belonged to.

For my time and money, as long as they are consistent I'm satisfied. Unfortunately Revit isn't in this regard. Text has settings for leader positioning that keynote tags don't. That can lead to inconsistency and that's not good. Any annotation features that are available for text should be extended to other elements that display information that sure looks like text when looking at a printed sheet of paper. My 2.5 cents.

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biff said...

I have been playing with this in my latest job. The annotations down the vertical edge comprised of leaders that started out from the first line, and down the bottom they started at the last line.
likewise the annotations across the horizontal have had their leaders come from the left or centre or right, depending on their position on the drawing.
it has ended up looking quite comfortable.
It all comes down to aesthetics, and that is subjective.