Thursday, February 07, 2013

Linked Files and Delete Rooms

When you are opening a project with linked files (or reloading one) if you see a dialog giving you the option to Delete Rooms, please don't click the Delete Rooms button. Please!

Nobody will be happy with you if you do, not even you. It would be wonderful if Revit stopped offering the ultimate in self-destructive options in warning dialogs. Too often Revit's solution to a problem is a delete button. As the knight's in Monty Python's Holy Grail movie said, "Run away, run away!"


Unknown said...

Of course this also applies to spaces on the MEP side.

Eric Stimmel said...

Steve - do you have any recommendations on how to handle this? Do you avoid having linked models bound rooms? Use room separation lines in cases where it's unavoidable? We've gone so far as to write an addin that swallows that warning altogether, but that causes other problems. I've settled on grouping those particular rooms and room tags on my current project to make restoring them easier. I'm interested in finding a better solution though.