Thursday, September 24, 2009

Property and Setback Boundaries - The Property Line Tool

I wrote this article in October 2005. I was surprised it was so long ago. The file I used was old enough that it warned me, while upgrading, about the big changes to the room element, that came with Revit 9.0. This time I made a short video and you can listen and watch here if you prefer.


Graham Briggs said...

Nice idea! I may steal it, if you don't mind.

I have been using grouped 2D lines for the setbacks. One nice thing about that is that they are view specific (only in the "parent view") but the group can be easily copied>paste aligned if I need it in another view.

I use a similar group to show the street center-lines, curb and gutter, manholes, etc.

Also, many cities have incorporated bulk planes into their zoning codes, which, together, define a "tent" within which the building is built. I created a [Site] family to quickly place along the property lines and at the corners, that helps to define the envelope. I've been looking into a simple method of modeling the "tent", and then using clash detection to show any encroachment. Such an in-place family is fairly easy with a flat site (using a sweep and a thin planar profile), but on sloped sites it gets considerably more difficult. The clean-up at the apex can also be quite involved. Any thoughts on an easier method?

cadalot said...


Is this and other videos on your blog available in Saga or Over 50 visually challenged mode. i.e. Bigger!

Steve said...

Are you watching on the blog page or clicking the links I provide to watch the full size ones at the Screen Cast host site? There is also a list on the right nav bar that will let you browse the published videos and see them at full resolution. Does that help? Hope so, I can't make them any bigger 8-)