Friday, September 11, 2009

Dept. of Subtle - RME and Color Fill Legends

As an engineer using RME where would you expect to find the tool that allows you to create a color fill for Spaces/Zones? If you think the logical place is the Architect ribbon tab then you are correct!! It didnt' seem obvious to me when I was first getting acquainted with RME's shiny new UI. I was thinking Annotate...then maybe View? No...the Architect tab? Why not with the Spaces on Analyze?? Here's an image of its location and name.

An AUGI member suggested that the name could be clearer. The duct/pipe color fill legends are featured on the Analyze tab however. If I had my way all the color fill legend features would be in the same location on the Analyze tab, that's my vote! It's not necessarily the correct vote but there are two buttons there already and they only have to move one, that makes it easier??

Okay I admit that I'd really prefer that they were grouped together under View because they are added to views and other features that affect views are located there. Give me enough time and I could build an argument for the Annotate tab too. I'll stick with Analyze just so I'm not being wishy washy.

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