Thursday, September 03, 2009


It is good news that AUGI will be bringing this event back to a city near you. At the end of last year the firm that organized CAD Camps ended its relationship with AUGI. That combined with the fiscal unpleasantness that has been a prominent part of this year meant that having any of these events was very unlikely.

It's my personal belief that even if there had been no management changes that any or even all Camps that might have been scheduled would have been cancelled in light this year's economy. It was hard enough to sustain AUGI World and get the AUGI|AEC EDGE magazine to happen let alone get a series of CAD Camps going.

Regardless it appears that 2010 will bring them back and hopefully the economic situation will rebound along with it. I wish it happened on my watch but I'm grateful there is progress.

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