Monday, September 28, 2009

Off Topic - Seattle

No posts over the weekend. I came down with a bug toward the end of last week and I did practically nothing over the weekend so I'd have a shot at this week in Seattle. Feeling better but my voice nearly vanished by the end the day. I had a couple ideas for posts and videos but no voice, no video...will have to wait for a couple days. I can see the Space Needle from the office, cool! Now I just have to make time to see it in person. I found this image on Dave's Travel Corner



Anonymous said...

The "5 spot" is great for breakfast... (Queen Anne).


iyyy69 said...

So *you're* the one who brought the rain! ;-)

Give a shout if you need any recommendations for food.

I'd 2nd the "5 Spot" (or "Coastal Kitchen") for breakfast, and I'll nominate "Paseo's" (Fremont) for lunch (the grilled pork/chicken sandwich is to die for).

Hope you feel better.

Steve said...

Thanks for the recommendations! No rain from doesn't rain where I live. Not much anyway, been many months since I've seen any rain and tonight I got to walk to the hotel in a nice downpour...refreshing but WET!

Last year I spent a rainy week in NYC. It rained every day and I walked about 16 blocks each way, raining both ways...very wet week. I actually resorted to putting a plastic dry cleaning bag over my laptop bag so it wouldn't get as wet. That said it is nice to see rain, water...