Thursday, September 10, 2009

Align Views on Sheets

This request is as old as the hills. User are jazzed that plan views at the same scale will snap into alignment and same for elevations and levels. They are less than jazzed when they find that one detail view and another offer no way to align them other than close-is-close-enough.

They are confused when a North and South elevation won't line up with one another. You can explain that they are from different viewpoints and that the grids are opposite but they still want to be able to use the align tool to pick something and then something to align to the first pick.

The Inside the Factory blog has opened this can of worms by posting a series of thoughts and questions. If this issue is a pet peeve of yours you might want to offer your thoughts??

Seems to me that trying to anticipate how we want to align various views would be easier to solve by allowing an align tool to let us pick elements through the viewport ourselves. No need to try to decide what things can allow alignment. Sometimes people want the ends of levels to align, other times they want a certain feature in the view...there are too many permutations to fashion a clever set of rules for what can or can't be aligned. Just provide a tool to let us pick two things, the thing that we like and the thing that is wrong, to fix it.


antman said...

Ummm, heck yes? I am startled that this cannot be done. Even if we can't 'align' object to object, can't we at least have the ability to 'move' point to point?

FWIW, I get the "close-is-close-enough" feel in general working in Revit. Fortunately, I have recently become aware of the 'thin lines' toggle, and that has helped somewhat.

me said...

Actially... i has been done. The view snap center to center.

I feel that this feature is WAY too useless to even consider.

The are SO many other issues that are more important.

But i do feel that everything lacks UNITY in the new release. There is no thought behind it all, just an answear to most of everyone's questions, JUST no thought. Whoever said that making a product perfect also makes it easy to use and understandable.

In the old version people USED to understand why certain things can't be done. NOW we all want all the useless feature that WE feel are important.

me said...

The align tool was voted ONE OF THE BEST features of revit.

What do you mean "we can't 'align' object to object"... F1 anyone?