Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Off Topic - Plug a Local Espresso Shop

I don't like coffee. I love the smell of coffee. But the taste of coffee has never worked for me. I do drink coffee but not what a purist might think is coffee. I like a Caffe Mocha. You know the coffee that has enough chocolate to disguise the coffee"ness"? I also like coffee that has been altered by French Vanilla flavoring. True coffee afficionados are cringing...

I get coffee at the usual places, Starbucks, Peet's, Seattle's Best and a local haunt near where I live called The Lost Bean. The drinks that I get at these various places are good, or so I thought. The best I have had until tonight is between The Lost Bean and the Seattle's Best near my daughter's soccer practice site in Irvine.

Tonight I found out I haven't been having a caffe mocha at all, merely a poor stand-in, poser or imposter. In fact, I've never really had a caffe mocha apparently.

It was raining pretty hard tonight when I left the office. Convenient that, just outside the client's office in Seattle is a nice place called Espresso Vivace Roasteria. The barrista was great (I should have taken a photo of the presentation of the foam/cream on top) and from the first sip to the last it was the smoothest caffe mocha I've ever had. I got the "tall" instead of the "short" and then thought, "maybe this is too much"...perish the thought! I finished it wishing I could tolerate more caffeine.

If a mocha is supposed to be like this I'm wrecked...what's the point of enduring the others. Ah well...at least I know the difference now. I may have to see about other coffee, maybe I've just not had the real thing yet either?

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