Sunday, April 26, 2009

Central File Naming

I've always recommended appending the word "Central" to the file name of a project that is using Worksets. I've done this because I want to make the file "special" or distinctive to users. With the new Local File process I described in yesterday's post I find myself rethinking this habit.

Revit will append the username to the Local File for us so we don't have to worry about the Central and Local files having the same name (technically Revit doesn't care about this though). We do have to acknowledge that putting "Central" in the file name will remain in the file name plus the username, for Local Files.

A couple examples would help?

Using my established recommendation:
Our Big Project-central.rvt [Central File on server]
Our Big Project-central_username.rvt [Local File on local pc]
Our Big Project-central_username_ddmmyyyy_hhmmss.rvt [additional files]

Abandoning my recommendation:
Our Big Project.rvt [Central File on server]
Our Big Project_username.rvt [Local File on local pc]
Our Big Project_username_ddmmyyyy_hhmmss.rvt [additional files]

I offer this as something to consider. If most of your projects have Worksets enabled anyway then perhaps making the file name "distinctive" isn't as important as it might seem?


GeoffB said...

I noticed this behavior when reviewing the new sync functionality. It does make sense to abandon the Central appendage as or 2010. But it seems a simple matter to store workshared project and solo projects in different folders on the server. This won’t prevent user error but should nearly eliminate it if accompanied by a clear explanation as part of 2010 orientation.


Dave Baldacchino said...

Great point Steve. If one's using Revit's built-in capabilities, there's almost no need to use the appended "Central" because it could lead to confusion.

To be honest, I've always pondered why the developers couldn't have implemented a file extension system that differentiated between Central files, Local files and non-worksetted files. That would be my #1 choice.

Valkin said...

I will say this is one of the few recomendations you had about adding the name central the end of the file that I never take hold of. I've always done it how this post recomends. This has always worked for my firm, even in a pre 2010 world.


Tom Dorner said...

Perhaps now it would be wiser to name any single user file with the word Solo(my project-solo.rvt) or Single(my project-single.rvt) and assume that all files not named such are Central files. Just a reversing of the logic we have used prior to 2010 and the local file creator.

Tom Dorner said...

As Dave B. states, maybe file extensions for different types of Revit project files need to be established.

.rvt = single user file
.rvc = central file
.rvl = local file

I'll see what I can do now that I'm on the inside of ADSK.

Dave Baldacchino said...

LOL Tom!! I have a post queued to post next week with that exact suggestion :)

Kamal said...

it will be good by adding an exension which shows the version of Revit used for modeling..

Central File name like below

Project Number-Project name (in four characters)-Central-A13

( Where A13 denotes Revit Architecture 2013) and similar for other disciplines.