Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mr. OpEd Retires

This is Freddy Latherdon, Mr. OpEd's ace reporter. I have received word today, that in a sudden decision, he has elected to stop consulting and writing Revit OpEd. Yes I know, very sudden!!

While working in Abu Dhabi he received an offer to purchase several franchise locations of Subway, the sandwich shop familiar to many people, a frequent lunch stop for him. In addition to that he met a few folks who run a ballooning operation and he now intends to plan and train for a round the world balloon adventure to begin sometime next September.

This came as shock to me, not to mention his wife and children, as I'm sure it does for some of his readers. I know that I'll miss his contributions here and perhaps, with his permission I can try to keep it running somehow though I really don't know Revit that well myself. Perhaps with some help from others I can do it.

Effective today - no more Revit OpEd, unless I can ressurect it somehow! Sorry folks!

P.S. What day is today? gotcha?


coreed said...

steve, i hope that you and these other bloggers know that none of these April Fools jokes are working. there's no life without Revit. We all love this program as we know you do. We dumped our beloved Autocad for this program. i don't think you could make it 6 weeks without Revit.

Erik said...

But imagine using Revit for entertainment ONLY. Now that's an idea... I assume Mr. OpEd is independently wealthy now... Those Roadie security passes must have fetched a fortune on E-bay.

Unknown said...

Nice try Steve!!!