Thursday, April 23, 2009

Autodesk Revit Utilities from Biggest Brains

If you are interested in:

* Comparing Shared Parameter files
* Merging Shared Parameter files
* Deleting backup files (optionally recursively)
* Copying CSV files created for Type Catalog usage for easy change testing
* Reporting the versions of Revit used to create family files

If yes, then you will be interested in visiting this SITE. This is the personal (off hours)work of David VanSlyke who happens to work for McQuay, which has been providing Revit MEP content for awhile now too. This is a screen capture of the application, focus on the Delete Backup Files tab, note the others.

Check it out!

[Added: 4/24/09 - David wrote to me mentioning that he is waffling about the name because he hadn't noticed the other "Utilities" offerings from Avatech at the time. If you have some ideas for naming you can post a comment here.]

1 comment:

David VanSlyke said...

"Revit Utilities" has been renamed "Revit Family Tools" to help reduce confusion with offerings from Avatech.

Version is now available, which includes some minor enhancements and now has a fully functional setup program.