Thursday, April 23, 2009

Local File Generator - Another Option

Paul Kirill, a Revit MEP user with HCYU and Associates created a new tool to create local files and the firm has decided to make it available to anyone else that is interested. I tried it out this morning and it is pretty slick. Here's a screen shot.

It is "branded" by including their firm name but that is a small price to get the work for free? If you want your own branding I'm sure they'd be open to some arrangement. Just give them a shout.

You're probably interested in getting a look at it by now? They've shared it on the Richmond AutoCAD Manifest user group website (RAM). DOWNLOAD IT HERE! or visit the WEB PAGE.

Paul also posted an announcement at AUGI in THIS THREAD.

What I find compelling about this solution is its small "footprint" doesn't require much from the user other than installing it and making a few setting choices. The other solutions, I've mentioned before or this ONE, using Auto Hot Key are cool too but they do require a bit more "effort" from us.

Here's the Local File Options dialog:

A dialog to define Revit versions.

Another example of a resourceful Revit user/firm sharing "wot they dun". Thanks!!

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