Friday, April 17, 2009

Where to Start? Revit 2010

Since Revit 2010 has been formally released and began shipping over the last couple days it makes sense to begin addressing it formally here too. I've held off doing so to honor the disclosure requirements I agreed to with Autodesk even though numerous others have managed to skirt them for sometime now.

The first thing that will "hit you" obviously is the new graphical user interface (GUI). You'll want to visit the Help documentation and there are several items of interest there.

Skipping over the first item, Help, check out the "User Interface Overview".

It is a "mouse over" document where you move your cursor over the numbered portions of the interface and a description appears. It lacks descriptions for a couple contextual items that appear from time to time. For instance there is a Draw/Pick Gallery that appears when you are working with a feature that permits sketching, like walls, lines etc.

Subtle yes but it is useful to learn their terminology too.

I also highlighted a document you'll definitely want to get familiar with too. It is called, not surprisingly, "Where is my Command?".

This is organized around the original menu structure and provides a description that explains where this "missing" command can now be found. Here's an example that will cause a little stress initially unless you are already quite indoctrinated by other "wibbonized" applications. Where did they hide Settings menu > Options? Sorry, that was a trick question, they don't tell you where it is!! It is found here.

Initially I expected to find it on the Manage Ribbon tab however I soon remembered that in other applications the Options or User Settings are configured under the Application menu. This is the BIG round button in the upper left corner of the application. In Revit's case, the BIG "R".

If you are interested in some background on the rationale for the new interface design you can check out the new Autodesk blog "Inside the Factory". There are also quite a few videos posted on youtube and other sites. Some critical of it and others just a demonstration. It's amazing how much stuff "we" create on the "internets".

Just be sure to check out the available information lurking under Help!


antman said...


I'm not sure if the NDA was different with Revit Beta, but for the beta group I was in we were told that as soon as Autodesk announces the software via a press release the NDA is lifted.

Steve said...

Until I get my formal "you are released" from them I assume I'm still bound.

Antonius said...

Hi Steve.

Thanks for the coverage on Revit 2010. If it will help the discussion, I can point you to a new post on InsideTheFactory which gives a lot of background on the release and the new UI:

And let me know if you'd like to have some on-the-record discussions around the current release and what we're thinking about for the future of Revit.


Anthony A. Hauck
Revit Platform Product Manager

kjanik said...


Have you seen this tool at

You can even download it.