Wednesday, April 01, 2009

H E "double hockey sticks" Freezes Over

According to Gregory Arkin's blog, Bim Boom Autodesk has just announced the end of ADT/ACA. Autodesk will no longer continue to produce it as a stand-alone product.

I remember distinctly fearing exactly the opposite when Autodesk bought my "beloved" Revit back in 2002, worried instead that it would vanish. Times change, though I guess we could say that the writing was "on the wall".

Not good news to ADT/ACA fans worldwide and I can empathize with their concerns. I'm glad I bet on the "correct horse", for once.

P.S. Did you notice the date...again? A mean but good one, Greg!


Anonymous said...

April Fools!

Gregory Arkin said...

Thanks Steve. I still can't believe so many people fell for it. I feel really bad for those who didn't read the last paragraph and see that it was joke.

I told one of my staff to read my blog and he jumped on the phone to call the front office to see if Autodesk released pricing for it. It wasn't easy waiting 5 minutes before telling him the truth.

Maybe someday soon I can repost it as a real post.

Spinnacre said...

That's messed up...