Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Moving Down the Street

Little morsel...Revit won't let you enter a value greater than 3000 ft (or 914400mm) when moving or copying an object for example.

Revit won't object if you pick two points that happen to be further than this though. Hopefully you won't really need to move something down the street this far but if you do, you'll be ready.

Why do I know this? I encountered a file that had civil data positioned 2.6 million feet from the original drawing area of the Revit project file. So moving this in increments of 3000 feet was going to take quite awhile, 867 times give or take a repeating decimal. So I thought, hmmm...what if I just pick two points? Happily Revit just moved the stuff over 500 miles for me in one go! Hooray!


Shaun van Rooyen said...

Hey Steve,
We had exactly the same issue. Our building was 2km away from where it should be.
By selecting "Shared Coordinates/Specify Coordinates at a Point" We could enter the exact coordinates of the building! This is also not restricted to the issue at hand. It works better than relocating the project, which in effect is a glorified Move command.

Since then, we prefer to work to the precise coordinates as apposed to relocating.


Steve said...

Yes, it is a great command. It didn't solve the problem in this case because it won't move your levels over to the "new" location.

The real problem I was trying to solve is the fact that the entire model was created over the top of the site info 2.6 million ft away from where the elevations and sections were "looking".