Wednesday, November 30, 2005

AU 2005 - Day Two - Nov 29

First..I should say that I can't attend every class at AU about Revit so those I mention are those I attended. The others get short shrift because I wasn't there. I'd be happy to include info about them if someone lets me know about them.

I started off the day with my lab for the Family Editor, 48 pages of step by step procedure to build a door family. In general the comments I received were very positive with one dissenting gentlemen, very unhappy with the pace and format. That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger as the saying goes and I'd like him to know that I will learn from his comments and be better as a result, thanks! Thank you also to each of you who shared their time and opinions with me.

I neglected to say this in the original posting of this article. I wanted to also thank the lab assistants. They were David Conant (co-speaker and designated driver), Steven Campbell (Autodesk Revit QA Specialist), Cyril Verley (CDV Systems) and additional special guest assistants Wesley Benn (Benn Design) and Mike Gatzke. Wesley and Mike filled in for Scott Davis (WLC Architects) when he was unable to get to the lab until much later. Three cheers for great help! They did their best to keep a fast moving train on the tracks.

Next was lunch and I learned from Day One and actually ate lunch!

The Keynote address by Carol Bartz (Autodesk's CEO) and Carl Bass (Autodesk's COO)was entertaining and informative. A massively wide rear projection screen with nested projection images was quite impressive. The message was 3D is coming whether you like it or not, are you ready? Those are my words, my impression or reaction to the message. Further, we better keep our eye on will be getting very interesting.

We also saw an informative and entertaining presentation from Tom McCann, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Walt Disney Imagineering, that gave us insight into how they do what they do and what it takes to make the Disney Magic. He seemed quite nervous at first but perhaps it was more just his energy level and manner because he seemed quite in control and consistent throughout his talk. He also mentioned that contractors get concrete on their tracks all the time and his repeated mention of it at various times worked well for comedic effect.

Then came the industry sessions where each attendee went to a presentation focused on their unique needs. We heard the familiar assurances about ADT and Revit.

If my remarks seem light on substance, they are, because the things that were discussed in front of 4,000+ attendees are still simply ideas and shouldn't be used for future financial planning (we all saw legalese to remind us of this).

The end of the day brought on two parties, both of which sparked energetic dancing to salsa music first and then later to the sounds of Dr. Ruth, a band consisting of at least one AU attendee, that played many Journey songs. Everyone sure looked like they had a good time...MAN I'm tired!


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