Monday, November 28, 2005

AU 2005 - Day One - Nov 28

Today started off with Phil Read of Autodesk Revit speaking about implementing Revit. Focusing on the things he and his fellow Autodesk implementation team members encounter as they help firms transition their processes to Revit. I've always enjoyed Phil's humor, plain speaking and intellect. He always has a great phrase ready such as, "Someone dangerous with a hammer is more dangerous with a nail gun" and "You can't accidently implement Revit". If you ever get a chance to work with or hear Phil speak, "Do It Right Quick" (a slight rewording of another favorite of mine that he said in his class last year at AU 2004).

Next I wandered over to assist Chris Zoog with his Tips n Tricks lab along with Scott Davis, Mike Gatzke and Clyne Curtis. Fortunately nearly all the lab students were pretty comfortable and we didn't have to work too hard. Funny thing though, a few students started up Revit Structure by accident and it proved amusing while trying to figure out what happened to the all the architectural features!

Lunch...skipped it...shouldn't have...

Paul Aubin and Matt Dillon (yes ADT guru's! Paul is working on a Revit book too btw) presented Revit Basics together and did a fine job, no surprise there. Seasoned trainers and speakers they were polished and entertaining. They reminded me very much of the Balding and Zoog team in many ways from previous year's New Cadd on the Block and Revit B to Z. Nice work guys!

Speaking of Chris Zoog and Jim Balding they launched into a presentation on multifamily homes and unit plans using groups and linked file strategies. Chris led the way primarily with a closing portion from Jim. Lots of good ideas discussed throughout.

Last class of the day saw Jim Balding (WATG), James Vandezande (SOM) and Mario Guttman (HOK) speak about implementing Revit. I personally found Mario's discussion the most interesting, not because Jim and James were not, but because I had never heard him speak before. He was funny, candid and I think "spot on". Here I go flattering again...when it is is due! Nice!

AUGI's annual meeting was full of information about the future plans for AUGI, saying goodbye to BOD members who's term ends this year and saying hello to the new president elect, Richard Binning. I'll leave the details to BLAUGI and the other bloggers from AUGI's ranks to fill in the rest!

The AUGI Beer Bash was crowded and every booth on the exhibit floor was busy with curious visitors, exactly according to plan I imagine.

My lab is tomorrow morning so I'm outta here! Overanout!

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Steve said...

Phil let me know that the southern (USA) phrase "a jackass with a hammer is a jackass with a nail gun" served as inspiration for his comment, which I quote in this article above. I also called a nail gun a "hammer gun"??? My only excuse is, was very late!!

Some of the best phrases I've heard were down "South". Like, "If yer wait'n on me, yer back'n up!" Brilliant!