Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mixing It Up

AU 2005 is underway and the Revit Mixer hosted by Jim Balding and EmCee'd by Christy Landry was very well attended! A fine spread of finger food complimented by a nice selection of wines, beer and soda dealt with the gastronomical and the "Stump the Chump" event provided the "Revit" entertainment.

A nice collection of images supplied by fellow Revit users at AUGI ran in a slide show during the beginning of the mixer and a Revit Trivia segment led up to the Stump the Chump show. The clump of chumps were, James Vandezande, Chris Zoog, Tim Lannen, Ben Kane, Scott Davis and coaching the chumps were Matt Jezyck, Phil "do this right quick" Read, David Conant, Scott Brown and me.

I have this nagging feeling I'm missing someone right now and will realize it later. When I do, I will amend this list accordingly. The chumps met the questions head on and were only truly stumped a couple times. There were a couple instances where they were known issues with Revit already and didn't really qualify as a true "stump the chump"...even though those questions earned a prize for the person doing the asking.

There were just too many people (350ish) to really meet everyone and I wish it weren't so. I'm looking forward to meeting those I didn't as the week progresses.

Stay tuned!! Classes begin early tomorrow!

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