Thursday, October 29, 2015

Revit 2016 R2 - New Family Types Dialog Format

My friend Rolly sent me a screen capture of the new Family Types dialog. It's been revised to use similar buttons as some of the other dialogs, like the Filters and View Templates dialog for example.

It is slimmer now. I liked the larger buttons with words personally. I struggle (a little) with the tiny pictures (see what I did there) on these icon only buttons. At least I can rely on muscle memory to click on them after awhile. It will be helpful require less screen real estate for the interface and allow for more practical editing of those really long pesky conditional formulas...if dabble with those.

It seems I have a growing number of friends who are concerned about my lack of new blog posts :) Thanks Rolly! It's so much easier when you send me pichurs :)


Rob said...

sadly, i'm in the camp of "we're spending money for them to do THIS?"

While i wholy agree it saves on screen real estate, my issue is that i now have to waste time trying to learn what the buttons do, when the reality is we're all running larger monitors and the previous layout was just A-OK.
This personally ads a layer of time (for the first few weeks/months) that didn't need to happen in the long run.

Hoping there's a setting that allows it to be shown the "classic" way.

Anonymous said...

So happy now if we overshoot the tiny buttons on the bottom we'll be greeted with a URL webpage popup showing us how to manage family types. Any reason you think they couldn't have put that above/under the "type name" selection at the top?

Viking said...

This improvement is part of a new feature Global Parameters. As we improve the product we are taking the effort to move forward similar areas. This improves consistency and reduces learning times. Often it can seem like improvements are not connected. In this case, the dialog is very closely related to Global Parameters but it is also used in numerous separate unrelated workflows.

I hope this helps explain a little bit.


Kasra said...

Nice article. I personally don't mind spending few seconds to hover on top of these little button for the first few times ,however, little buttons become a problem when you have tonnes of them in a software menu (like traditional AutoCAD menu) and I always struggle to find what I need.

Good thing is that they added a search function for the parameters!