Monday, April 11, 2016

Space Naming Utility for Revit 2017

Hi Autodesk Revit Team! It's me Mr. OpEd again. Imagine me with a pointy stick, I'm poking you in the eye...metaphorically...with words on a blog.

Since the AutoCAD team just made 2017 available I can infer that we'll be seeing a new release of Revit in the very near future.

Let me just go on record now.

The Space Naming Utility SHOULD be built into Revit 2017 so that it is installed automatically or better yet, it's just on the Annotation ribbon as a native feature, NOT an add-on.

I might as well let ya'll know now, and AGAIN, that it is utterly reeeeee-freeeeeekin-diculousssss if it isn't!!!!!

If the rationale for keeping it separate is that not many people use it perhaps that's because it is a separate application??!! If the ribbon UI is supposed to improve the odds of discovering features it sure would help to be ON the ribbon. Built IN.

Capisce? The berating will continue until the SNU is part of Revit. I know there are much more important things in the world to be upset about. Yet, someone must continue the fight for equal status of the SNU!

If I take a pessimistic stance, you could, at the very least, make sure it is available for download from the Exchange Apps site as soon as we can actually download and use Revit 2017. Yeah. That would be good...


Jean-Marc COUFFIN said...

and the etransmit!!!
and a seamless mean to update revit
and a way to fully manage what is and what is not in the ribbon
and a real filter that filters and select everything in the model like ideate explorer...

Don said...

Well said, I couldn't agree more!

phishintrip007 said...

I don't know a single person in the industry using Revit that doesn't have
(read NEED) the SNU utility. So yes, I totally agree.

I would also like to know more about "AutoCAD Fabrication" and how that can be used to produce Fabrication but somehow the "Fabrication parts" seems to be pretty much unusable for anything in Revit. I'm seriously looking at SysQue as a way to build all the necessary details and whatnot into Revit. I just can't bring myself to drop another chunk of cash for a huge MEP Add-In that should really be native to Revit.

Patrick Davis said...

Couldn't agree more Steve.

John Cook said...

It should have already been incorporated into the platform years ago in my opinion. If Autodesk wants MEP engineers to use 2017 from the start this app must be posted on the same day.

Dave Baldacchino said...

It is so possible to do this that it boggles my mind that they have not. C4R was now added and we DON'T need that for all projects (nor want it really because it does pose a training issue when it comes to enabling worksharing). Same happened with the cloud rendering addin. And now Formit360 too. I see a pattern that has $$$ on it! Steve, your only hope is that they charge us credits for using the tool, then it will become part of the base install ;)

Unknown said...

Chill Steve. It takes about 2 seconds to download and install - and doesn't require a restart.

Otherwise, your posts are informative.

As far as fabrication goes, I'm crossing my fingers that 2017 allows me to ditch sysque in its entirety.

Steve said...

Thanks for the advice Adam. I'd be more chill if I didn't run into so many engineers cursing Revit because they don't know SNU exists. Yes it is easy to download and install. Sadly I've met lots of users who can't install stuff and have to beg IT to do it. It's a fundamental aspect of collaboration between Rooms and Spaces. It should never have been a separate installation, it should have been built in as soon as they devised Spaces.