Thursday, October 22, 2015

Revit 2016 R2 is Available and Update Release 10 for Revit 2015

When I wrote about Revit Sunrise earlier I hinted that we might see a repeat of last year when Revit Sundial was followed by Revit 2015 R2. That's come true today.

You can CHECK OUT some VIDEOS about what is new in this subscription customer only release.

These are the features they've chosen to provide videos for:
  • Draw Visible Elements Only (performance)
  • Global Parameters
  • Family Element Visibility Setting (Family Editor)
  • Thermal Zoning (Analysis)
  • Enhanced Revit Links
  • Cancel Multi Sheet Print or Export
  • View Filter UI Improvements
  • Revision Enhancement
  • Isolate Solids/Voids with Filter Tool (Family Editor)
  • Per User RVT Link Unload
  • Improved Project Browser
  • Name Reference Plane
  • Autodesk Raytracer
  • Railing Preview
  • View Underlay and Orientation Improvements (descriptive language)
  • Enabled Copy Paste in Perspective Views
  • Choice to Select Wall Join Type (behavior) during Wall Creation
  • Fabrication Part Modeling Enhancement
  • Electrical Design Enhancements
  • Mechanical Design Enhancements
There is also a Update Release 10 for Revit 2015. For what it is worth, the Autodesk Application Manager is two for two now. It let me know about the last web update (service pack) and it let me know about both 2016 R2 and 2015's Update Release 10. That's encouraging, certainly better than my experience with it in the past.


Anonymous said...

Global Parameters!!!!!
That is really awesome.

Anonymous said...

HMmm.. I'm not finding a download anywhere for Revit 2016 R2.

Steve said...

You can only get it from your subscription account access via manage.autodesk...if the Autodesk Application Manager isn't offering it to you like it did for me.

Peter Gehring said...

Application says it cannot install it for my version of Revit 2016 and I cannot find it on the subscription site.

troy said...

Any ideas why there is a Revit MEP 2016 R2 Update?

Someone posted direct links here:

But for some reason my Application Manager offers me the standard Revit one (which is what I thought all updates were now anyway)

Bol said...

Do we know anything about compatibility with the original release 2016 (R1?). I've had troubles with this in 2015 R2...

Steve said...

Troy - Sorry no I don't know why they've done that.

Bol - The 2016 and 2016 R2 version are built on the same file format so they are supposed to be compatible with requiring an upgrade.

Peter - It sounds like you need to contact Autodesk to have them take a look at your subscription account and what you are entitled to download. The Autodesk Application Manager did its job correctly for the first time (for me) and installed it quite conveniently.

Steve said...

Sorry Bol that should have read WITHOUT requiring an upgrade

Unknown said...

Steve - In your response to Bol, thanks. But, how would Revit process something such as the View Underlay Improvements as outlined in this video:


LyGuy said...
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LyGuy said...

My concern is how will a user with Revit 2016 (SP2) use a Revit model created in Revit 2016 R2 with global parameters in it?

The other features I can see being non disruptive to older version Revit but a thing potential as big as global parameters could lead to all sorts of possible problems?

Steve said...

LyGuy - Reasonable concern. I expect that the Global Parameter won't show up if the file is opened with a PC without R2 installed.

My advice is the same as ever: Don't upgrade to a new version until the entire team can...even if the version doesn't require a file format change like the last two year's mid year releases.

Steve said...

Shawn - I'd have to have another look to be certain... I believe the View Underlay changes are cosmetic.. They changed the language and explanation for what it does, not really how it works.

Unknown said...

Steve, I am doing my own testing. Fortunately for me I have 2 machines at work.

Global Parameters (GP) simply do not appear in machines that do not have R2 installed. I tested this with a simple dimension type. However, I did notice that on the non-R2 machine I saw a temporary dimension when I selected an object that was associated with a dimension that was linked to a GP. You can find a snapshot of that here: The 'Grid Spacing' is my GP name. 15' is the value.

As for Underlay, you are right: It is merely a cosmetic/language change.


Jean-Marc COUFFIN said...

Have you tried the CTRL+zoom in the revision window...

Tim West said...

Nice! This year some things for the 'why are we paying a subscription when there are no new features' AND the 'why are we paying a subscription when there are no performance enhancements' haters!

Global Parameters... On my Wishlist for YEARS.
Load links per user... Super useful.
Occlusion culling... Been used in gaming engines for years, finally!! This combined with the 2015-2016 performance enhancements...
Named Reference Planes... Now maybe users will actually name reference planes!

Well done guys! Now all we need is to allow parameter assignments to linked models elements...

Peter said...

Thanks Steve,
I followed this info and found it: