Friday, October 23, 2015

Revit 2016 R2 - Positioning by Auto - Project Base Point to Project Base Point

This is an interesting development for reconciling the misalignment of models. This gives us the option of linking a RVT model according to the location of its Project Base Point (PBP) and aligning it with our own.

Let's imagine a scenario where our structural engineer decides to mock-up a preliminary model but does so without the benefit of having the architectural model linked in yet. This new feature allows the engineer to either move the PBP un-clipped (see warning below) to an agreed upon grid intersection or to start by placing their grids at the default PBP location in their model.

All I have to do to get their model to align with my model properly now is make sure I move my PBP un-clipped (again see warning below) to our equivalent grid location or be grateful I was lucky to have guessed that we'd start our grids at the same location to start with. If I didn't guess correctly then moving it un-clipped puts it in the correct location and the link lines up nicely.

Being able to move the PBP un-clipped is helpful for Revit to Revit alignment. It DOES NOT address exporting to DWG however (nor appending to Navisworks). If each model is exported using Coordinate System Basis: Project Internal they will not line up with one another because the model's file origin is not altered. If each trade is careful to start modeling the agreed upon grid intersection at their templates's default PBP location (not moved at all) then they'll line up when their exported files are opened in AutoCAD or Navisworks.

I'm not sure we can rely on that if we can't count on them waiting for our model to use as a linked reference first? Still it is an interesting development. Hopefully it doesn't just contribute to the existing confusion regarding linked RVT file positioning.

My recommendations?
  • Make sure all trades agree to begin their work referencing their own PBP with the same understanding. For example, agree in advance that the bottom left grid intersection shall occur at the PBP location (like shown in my images). This will ensure that exported data will have the same file origin.
  • Don't move the PBP un-clipped to reconcile the PBP location IF you want to be able to export using Project Internal.
  • Only move the PBP un-clipped if you will rely on Shared Coordinates to deal with external model alignment in other applications.


Stavros Koulis said...

Thanks for posting this, I was waiting for this option to become available. Up to now my workaround was to keep PBP and Revit Origin aligned.

Paul F. Aubin said...

"Hopefully it doesn't just contribute to the existing confusion regarding linked RVT file positioning"
How very optimistic of you... :-)

Steve said...

Yeah, you know me, Mr. OpEdtimistic :)

DaveP said...

I've been frustrated ever since the PBP & SP "came out" that you can't turn them on in a Link.
Wouldn't be a whole lot easier to manage your Link locations if you could just SEE where their Origins are?

Anonymous said...

After installing R2 I still don't have the option available to me in the the drop down menu. Anyone else have this?

Anonymous said...

This is driving me crazy. Really don't have the Auto Project base point to project base point. After installing the service packages. tested 2017, it has it. Do I need to reinstall 2016?

Steve said...

It is possible you don't have R2 installed. Did you read this blog post at The Revit clinic?

I also wrote a post about the subtle difference between version once the R2 version was released.

Also this post will help you determine which version you actually have installed right now.

Good luck!