Thursday, August 13, 2015

Revit 2016 - Copy Monitor - Wall Location Line

I don't recall any mention of this appearing in the What's New documentation or presentations. I stumbled into it the other day and meant to write about it but my aging Dell finally bit the dust and that distracted me. I find this new parameter and options appears when I examine the Walls tab in the Copy/Monitor Options dialog.

Interesting isn't it? I experimented with using the option. This image depicts a linked file with compound architectural walls being used to create Stud Only walls in a structural model.

I specified that C/M should create a Stud Only wall type instead of the compound wall type being used by the architectural model. I then used the Location Line: Core Face:Exterior.

I didn't find any help documentation to support this new feature. What I did find declares that C/M just uses the Wall Centerline for alignment, which was true until now!

Also, fwiw the openings created at the doors and windows are the correct sizes but only because the families don't have any additional geometry beyond the extent of their frames. I placed openings in the walls at the curtain walls manually using the Wall Opening tool (Architecture or Structure tab > Opening panel > Wall).


Tom said...

This is a great find! One of the biggest hassles for structural has been this. Because there was always this crazy disconnect between core (structural) and total centerline. That tool might actually become useful again! I had given up on Copy/Monitor thinking they had abandoned it.

trevorpan said...

Would it be worthwhile for an architect to place a reference plane on exterior walls? At exterior of core - for instance?

Right now, I've copy/monitored a building and the walls are all kerfuffled.

However, just saw this options tab after reading your post, redid the copy/monitor process - they came in good. thank you.

Some columns wouldn't allow to copy same type?

Great post~!