Sunday, August 16, 2015

Revit 2016 - Selection Box and Scope Box

I keep forgetting about the new Selection Box tool. It just requires us to select something and it will open the default 3D view and turn on the Section Box to match the extents of the selected element(s).

The new tool is also quite handy when used in combination with a Scope Box. I don't think of one (a scope box) as an model element, not like a door or a wall at least. The tool doesn't mind though. That makes it easy to crop a large model down to just a selected Scope Box. Easy!

Heads Up, it will use the active 3D view if there is one. Just be sure to close the 3D view you don't want to alter or open one you do. If no 3D view is open it will use the default 3D view, yours (the one with your username appended) if you are using worksets.


Noor said...

Nice feature thats comes from Coins auto section box.
But is there a way to rotate section box in different plans other than 'x' plan?

Steve said...

A Section Box is not available in plan views, it's only in 3D views. Crop Boundaries can be rotated in plan views to reorient the model. A Scope Box can also be rotated and it will alter related views that are assigned to it.

John McGlennon said...


Yes, you can rotate a section box in the 3D view.

Or are you talking about planes?