Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Windows 10 and Revit 2013 UI Glitch

I know it is a bit unfair to suggest or expect that 2013 should support Windows 10. With that in mind I offer this as something to watch out for if you must use 2013 and Win10. I needed to work on a family that must stay in that version so I installed 2013 yesterday. I thought I was successfully past it but it keeps dragging me back in.

As soon as I got started working I noticed that the Title Bar of the UI is missing the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and the Help/Info Bar.

Then I noticed that hovering over where they should be caused tooltips to appear. They ARE there but just not visible. I was able to get the QAT below the ribbon by hovering and clicking carefully where that button should be. I don't really need the Info Bar that often so I should be okay for now, plus I know the buttons are there, just bashful.

Via a Twitter reply and @mark_labell_jr He suggests a Windows theme hack described HERE. It worked for me.


Unknown said...

I have the same thing for the QAT in Revit 2015/2016 with Windows 10, but the Help bar still shows in those. I had to move the QAT bar under the ribbon to get it to show.

Steve said...

via Twitter and @mark_labell_jr

Try this windows theme hack to get an alternate color on the taskbar which seems to allow the tools there to show up in contrast.


DaveP said...

I wonder if this works anymore?



Anonymous said...

I've seen this occur on a laptop with a "retina"display. Dpi was set to a higher level. Setting both back to lower levels solved the problem.

Steve said...

Speaking for myself, I'm not pushing the DPI. That's been a known issue for a few releases of Revit and higher quality graphics capabilities so I don't think it is unique to WIN 10 in this case either.

Keith Rice said...

I currently have the RTM version of Windows 10 Pro installed along with Revit 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 and both the Quick Access and Help/Info bars are visible and functional for me.

Want me to check anything on my end as a comparison?