Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Revit 2016 - Loss Method and ASHRAE Tables

Fittings and loss errors have been annoying in Revit MEP for quite some time. If we were striving for a warning free model then we'd be confounded at every turn by fittings and their loss for loss. In Revit 2015 R2 and 2016 we've got the option to assign fitting's Loss Method parameter to Coefficient from ASHRAE Table.

The ASHRAE Table Settings dialog displays graphical information that is associated with duct fittings table. We can choose from among the fitting descriptions in the table or accept the default one that is already selected.

If you select a fitting randomly and check this out you may find the dialog set to None. It only starts to work when components are well connected. That means, if you see warnings associated with fittings, its likely those fittings are not part of a well connected network yet.

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Peter in Maryland said...

Mr. Stafford:

"Annoying" is not really the term you are looking for, here, I think. We would suggest something a bit stronger, along the lines of "Revit's programmers seem to be show-stoppingly idiotic", or "profoundly ignorant of the needs of their paying customers", or even "maliciously withholding the most basic engineering tools needed for Revit to show any advantage over AutoCAD." Terms like that have been uttered countless times over the past five years while we have been waiting for autodesk to figure out how to do basic friction loss inside revit. Our expectations remain very low, on par with our inclination to recommend the program to others who may be considering a switch.