Sunday, May 10, 2015

Type Catalog - Just say NO to Load Into Project

If you are working on a family that uses a type catalog then these two buttons are bad!

Bad buttons!

Youz buttons are buttons non grata.

The same is true for the Edit Family button and right-click Edit Family option. Don't use them on families that use a Type Catalog because all the types that are in use get loaded into the version of the family that opens in the Family Editor. That's kind of counter productive.


John Cook said...

ADSK should develop a way for Rvt to know if the family was created using a type catalog and display a different button, or a skull and crossbones.

Unknown said...

I always define one Type name in a family that uses a type catalog and call it " Load This Family via Type Catalog". When loaded properly via a type catalog the defined Type Name in the family is ignored. If the family is loaded without using a type catalog, then you see the Type Name which is defined in the family. I always set the most common values for that family in the type defined in the family as well.

Antony McPhee said...

If you drag and drop a family file from Windows Explorer you don't get a chance to use the catalog file either.
AND it only brings in one Type, even if the family has many types built in.

Pretty crappy workflow AutoDesk.

sarab said...

So, forgive my ignorance, but what SHOULD you do? Is this why we get duplicate types?

Steve said...

Sarab - I guess I should have written that too, sorry!

To load a family that uses a Type Catalog use either:
Insert from Library > Load Family ...or...
Project Browser > Families > select family > right-click > Reload

Duplicate Types is usually caused by more than one user loading new types of the same family in a project that has enabled Worksets. Two users loading a family and then synchronizes causes Revit to protect the first one loaded. Family management needs to be organized more carefully with worksharing. Assign one person to load content or at least approve when others can or should load them, or add new types.

sarab said...

Thanks for the clarification Steve.