Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Revit 2016 and 2015 Updates via What Revit Wants

Once again Luke has written posts about updates for Autodesk software before their own web site offers them...?!?

Thanks Luke!

I'd really like to see this stuff posted on their own bloody website(s) in a timely fashion!

Yes, Autodesk Application Manager is supposed to let us know (and it did for Luke apparently) but it hasn't worked on my computer except the first month it was installed. Oh and the Revit 2016 versions of necessary tools like Space Naming Utility and Worksharing Monitor are still missing in action. It's not like they didn't know a new release is out??!!?? Gosh I'm grumpy right now.

Luke's post about Revit 2016 Release Update 1
Luke's post about Revit 2015 Release Update 8 for R2 (note that's not the regular Revit 2015, he does provide a link to download that update though)
Luke's post about Collaboration for Revit (C4R) v5 for Revit 2015

I guess I shouldn't ask where C4R for 2016 is?


phil-osophyinBIM said...

Why does Autodesk continue to create confusion about their update? So there is UR8 and (C4R)v5 for Revit 2015? come on, why can they release a one size fits all update that will work for any Revit 2015?

lleud said...

Added a post to Revit Clinic as well - mentioning the updated update installer:

Steve said...

Revit 2016 is calling its update Service Pack 1. So after a year of referring to them as Release Update they've reverted back to Service Pack?

At this point, I can't help but think the people managing this are frat boys drunk on Miller Lite, laughing while saying, "Check this out...we're going to change the language on them again, this'll freak. them. OUT! dude..."

troy said...

I wonder if it's because we're in Australia and purely by timezone we get it first? I got the 2015 update pop up early yesterday morning. It was then when I noticed the other ones you mentioned (which had not show at all in the last month either).

Wlll said...

They're trying really hard but consistently missing the mark. This time they've thrown in another install wrapper using Qt5 (to support updating non-existent Revit for Linux?? Revit for Mac??). Why not stick with the application manager? if it had support for locally controlled updates (just like wsus) it would be perfect.

I have around 500 machines to administer and we like to ensure they all get the updates at same time, so we've had to remove the Application Manager and manage updates though SCCM. Local users don't have admin rights, and system account doesn't have internet access, so web download packages just wont work. It's possible to amend the json file that comes with the new install wrapper to point to locally downloaded files, but I haven't yet found any unattended/silent install switches for it.

It is of course still possible to download the updates and run independently, just would be nice if I didn't have to do all the dependency checking for the updates, especially since Autodesk have provided this in various forms already.

Unknown said...

Ah, Steve. It's refreshing to hear you sound grumpy! It doesn't happen very often and I am sometimes amazed by the patience you show to Autodesk...

TechLee said...


How do you deploy the updates via SCCM? I work for a school district and they currently deploy updates by manual login and update of roughly 180-200 systems.