Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Web Update 7 Killed Grid Level and Ref Plane Alignment

I was wrong, the update is innocent, sorry. The culprit is Snap to Remote Objects which was off.

Uh oh, I installed the recent Web Update 7 and now grids, levels and reference planes don't see each other like they used to. Existing grids and levels work normally. It seems to affect new elements when you attempt to place them in alignment with others. For example, try to sketch new parallel grids. Normally we see a green dashed graphic that indicates alignment with an adjacent grid end. I don't see this anymore. I also don't get the locked relationship between grids. Same for new levels.

If you copy them they'll recognize their alignment and behave normally unless you unlock that and alter them individually. Then they'll forget they can see (should see) each other. We can get around it, with grids for example, until they patch it by sketching a reference plane across the grid ends and dragging them so they touch the reference plane. The grids will start to behave normally as long as we don't separate them again.

Well at least a couple replies suggest I'm crazy but here's what's happening to me.


Brian Mackey said...

Steve unless I am misunderstanding, which I assume I am, I can't replicate the issue. In my current file or a new file from the structural template.

Steve said...

Sketch a few new grids and try to get them to align with each other. Are you seeing the green dash "alignment" graphics cue, are they snapping into alignment and generating the locked relationship as normal?

If yes...hmmm The only thing that I'm aware of changing is the update getting applied.

Steve said...

Bugger, it was Snap to Remote Objects being off