Friday, March 06, 2015

Synchronization and Disconnected Systems

This is a bit idiosyncratic but if it helps sort out an issue then its worthwhile to echo it (based on a discussion at the Autodesks NG).

Imagine this scenario:
  • An Air Terminal has an 8' elevation. A Duct rises from the Air Terminal to a elevation of 10'-0" and connects to a horizontal run (also at 10'-0" elevation), running parallel to the ceiling.
  • User 1 raises the Air Terminal to an 9'-0" elevation. The vertical piece of duct connected to it changes in length, but no user is recognized as Edited by (owning/borrowing) for that element.
  • User 2 decides to lower the horizontal duct (at 10'-0") to 9'-0". It is necessary for Revit to change the connected vertical Duct between the Air Terminal and the Duct to do so.
There are no warnings or alerts as these users do this. If a user decides to modify the series of elements, then a warning appears. A warning appears during Synchronize with Central only if this additional attempt to modify the element is made.

At the beginning I wrote idiosyncratic because it is easy to avoid if we agree not to work on each others elements. I would not ordinarily expect another user to decide to lower a duct that is connected to elements that I'm already working on. If we don't discuss what areas in the model we are focused on then it can easily happen. It is important to be aware of what others are working on. The Worksharing Display features can help us see what others are currently working on, if you don't really want to talk to your co-workers...but it's still a good idea.

Regarding the workflow above and not getting an error message, an Autodesk support person replied that they find an error message appears earlier to warn of the inconsistency when trying to reproduce the situation in the latest development build that will become Revit 2016. That means it is pretty likely Revit 2016 will prevent a duct element from being altered by two separate users when they interact with different elements that are both connected to it.

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