Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SW Named Linestyles

Have you noticed the appearance of linestyles in your project that look like these?

This means that someone has begun using the Site Designer tools. Even if there are no Site Designer features in use the fact that they are there means at least one person has started a Site Designer command. If there are Site Designer created features then you'll also find related sub-categories under the Mass category.


phil-osophyinBIM said...


I used site tool back in Revit 2012 when it used be Eagle Point software. I had noticed the sub-category from the Mass already. I wish Autodesk has some plan integrating the site works tool better within Revit in the future. It takes someone to be a civil engineer in order to know how to use this tool.

Gregg said...

I was hopeing someone would say that they posted a great video explaining how to get the best out of Site Designer. When I tried using it in "anger", I just couldn't achieve what I was trying to do.

I'm really wishing that it was me being a dunce because Revit really needs some help when it comes to site works and I was hoping Site Designer would help.