Saturday, March 28, 2015

Installing Updates and 2015 R2

Revit 2015 has seen 7 updates so far. I wrote about the confusion that began when Update Release 4 became available at the same time as they released the subscription only 2015 R2. R2 is a new version of Revit with more features/tools but using the same file format so no upgrading of our projects is required.

Some people are only just finding out about R2 now, partly because it is only available through the subscription site and you have to have a valid subscription in place to access it. Some of those folks in this position, in the meantime, have installed the Update Release 5 already, or even 6 and 7. Get ready with the sad trombones...

Per Autodesk support:
Given this scenario, you will need to uninstall and reinstall Revit 2015 if you want to install the R2 version of Revit 2015 and its subsequent updates. The reason for this is that the R2 updates, including the R2 versions of UR5, UR6 and UR7, only target Revit 2015 R2 installations. Likewise, non-R2 updates only target non-R2 installations of Revit 2015.

Will these help?

This means if you've already applied release update 5, 6 or 7 to your installation of 2015 without the R2 release in place, you'll have to start over, reinstall 2015 to get things in place correctly to apply R2 at all. This could have gone better for some, wish it were simpler.

At this point I think I'd just wait for the release of Revit 2016 which, if the past years are any indication, ought to become available mid April to early May. If your project must stay in 2015 but you really want the R2 features maybe its time to talk to Gordon at Pragmatic Praxis to see how his deployment tools can help you?

While you're working this out please let me recommend this Irish Whiskey, if you happen to enjoy a dram on occasion...


Unknown said...

We currently have installed Revit 2015 with no updates, we're planning to deploy R2 on 15 users. My question is, can we install UR7 for R2 without having to install the previous URs?

Steve said...

You need to read the ReadMe documentation to be certain. If you have not installed Web Update release 4 yet then you should be able to installed R2. Once that's installed I believe you can install Web Update Release 7. If I recall correctly each update is cumulative...but again, you need to verify against the documentation from Autodesk FIRST.

Gordon said...

VERY late to this party, but I thought I would chime in with what I have learned so far.
1: the ReadMe for R2 claims it can be installed over FCS Revit, but the Factory has said that UR3 is actually the target R2/UR4 is looking for, so install UR3 first.
2: After you have installed R2, followup updates are cumulative, so you can skip UR5&6 and go straight to UR7.
3: Make sure you get the UR7 for R2, the other one won't work.
4: You used to be able to get both UR7s from the Knowledge Network. They even still mention it in their link. But once you get to the download page the R2 UR7 download is missing. But I have yet to find the download on the Subscription site. Anyone know where they put this stuff?

And thanks for the shout out Steve!