Friday, June 14, 2013

Schedule Name and Header

A few years ago (Aug 08) I wrote a post that explained how to break the relationship between a schedule's name and its header. With Revit 2014 that approach is no longer necessary. I can just use the new Clear Cell button on the header text.

Now the schedule header can be something else and the name we see in the Project Browser can be something else. If you rename a schedule the header will match that name at first, or vice versa. If you click in the Header cell, click Clear Cell and the value is removed but the view name is not. Now put the name you really want in and you can alter either without affecting the other.

We can't use Project Browser organization on schedule views yet but we can control the naming a bit more easily now with this technique.


damianserrano said...

Hi Steve, what if after clearing the cell we want to reset the behavior and have the header follow the schedule name? I don't seem to find an option for that.

Steve said...

Easier than you might think?

While in the Schedule Editing mode, click in the Header field, notice the Parameter panel on the ribbon?

Click Category: (a drop down list box) > Choose Schedule

Now click the Parameter: (a drop down list box) > Choose View Name

You should see , the brackets indicate the default parameter value. In this case its the parameter value for View Name.

Cameron said...

What a hero! Massively saved my project browser from being overrun with sanitaryware...