Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Conduit Connector Gone Rogue

I created a conduit connector "disc" that let's me attach conduit to any surface. I place the connector and then add conduit, easy. It's based on the other connector families that Revit provides in the library, these:

When I loaded the connector into a project and select it I find a bizarre value offered. I get the same value no matter what size I enter. This image is after trying 3/4", 1", 1.5" and finally 2".

I tried creating the parameter as a Common/Length as well as Electrical/Conduit Size. Doesn't matter...same bizarre result. The connector's size changes when I change the parameter in the Family Types dialog so it works. You can't enter value on screen. Fwiw, it happens to pipe connectors too. I added a pipe connector to a transformer (I know it's probably a bad idea to put water in a transformer, unless it is water cooled?)

Weird, just weird...looks like a bug that needs some squashing!!


Brecht said...

Hi Steve,

I'm having the same problem here. If I click on the connector, the value is -609.6mm (-24").

Did you already find a solution for this?

Kind regards,

Unknown said...

I know we're 3 years removed from this one, but going through the company's plumbing families I noticed the same issue.

After some toying, it appears to be connected to the "Use Diameter" function, and the problem goes away when using "Use Radius."

Any news on this one getting fixed in 2016+ versions of Revit?