Thursday, June 27, 2013

Schedules Can Include Linked File Information

My reply to a thread at AUGI this morning prompted me to post this. I've probably mentioned this in the past but it's easy to overlook. When you use a schedule that includes elements that are in linked files you can also include two parameters for the linked file. It starts by checking the option to Include Elements in Linked Files. Then you can choose the drop down list Select available fields from:

Choosing RVT Links will provide two parameters: File Name and Name (a value you can control/change). The following image is a little mockup of windows that are both in the host file and in a linked file. The issue expressed in the AUGI thread is figuring out which file incorrect windows are in so they can be replaced. In that situation there were many linked files so it wasn't as easy as opening up one linked file.


daveedwards said...

It sure would be nice to have schedules for CAD Links and which Views/Sheets they're placed on.

PLawton said...

Our electrical department has found that they can't make lights or motors from linked files show up in their panle schedules.

Do you now of any way around this?

Thanks a trillion.

Steve said...

Yes, linked families can't be connected to circuits in the host project panels. For families that we need to provide circuits for, like motors or other trade's equipment, we can place a disconnect that we enter the corresponding load information. That mimics reality for many kinds of equipment that require a disconnect anyway. For lighting it is better to get buy in to let the engineer take ownership of them.

Culturally that is hard because we all like control over what we show in documentation. If you can't get buy in then you can put a "dummy" load in the room where wp each lighting circuit is defined or you can also just place your own lighting fixtures. It takes cooperation and communication to eliminate redundant elements.