Tuesday, March 05, 2013

These are not the Warnings You are Looking For

Funny message offered in the Review Warnings dialog.

I had previously selected all the room tags in the model (select all instances in entire project) and then chose the option to Move to Room to fix Revit's complaint regarding some of them. The message displayed changed to the above. Nice that it is confirming there are now no more warnings but I find it amusing that it says "Warning...there aren't any warnings, Warning". Proceed with caution.


Alfredo Medina said...

Wow, that´s a good one. A warning about the absence of warnings, and still, it says "proceed with caution", haha, thanks, Steve, good stuff.

Unknown said...

Nice one! Added it to What Revit Wants: Funny Revit Error Messages

Steve Bennett said...

Sweet, I think I've seen that before too, but for a different action.

I'm guessing once it was clsoed, the warning of no warnings was no longer available?