Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Revit 2014 - Connector by Radius or Diameter

Prior to Revit 2014 we could only create dimensions for the radius of arc and circles and connectors. With 2013's release they added a diameter dimension tool which makes it easier to constrain geometry in the family editor. Round connectors also only could be defined as a radius before. Now in 2014 this subtle parameter gives us the option to choose which makes more sense, radius or diameter.

Love the subtle stuff!


Alfredo Medina said...

Is that the only change in regards to connectors? I would have loved to see a Visible(yes/no) parameter.

Steve said...

No visibility options. I suspect the logic path of managing what happens if a connector is not visible gets difficult pretty fast otherwise it would probably already be possible.

As you know the harder it is to define a scope of work, the harder and less likely that scope is delivered.

Peter in Maryland said...

Mr. S.:

In my ignorance of its real usage, I assigned a yes/no visibility parameter to the Utility identity data. It seems to control the visibility of the connector in the way we have all wished for.

My only clue was that the Utility ID data is also a yes/no parameter, so it is apparently an "Existing Family Parameter of Compatible Type".