Monday, March 11, 2013

Closing Worksets with Specify

When you open a Revit project that uses Worksets there is an option to specify which worksets you want to open before Revit goes to the trouble of fulling opening the project. Very handy for big projects, crucial even.

I have occasionally encountered a situation where Revit won't let me open a project with all the worksets closed at first. Why do that? It is the fastest way to get a project open. Sometimes you need to do something like swap out titleblocks. If you load even some of the actual model it will take longer to open sheet views. If what you are doing doesn't depend on seeing the model in the views it is much faster to close the worksets first and the carry out your work.

When this has happened the Open button gets diasabled. If I open at least one workset it becomes enabled again. Revit seems to really want one workset open at least in some files and for others it doesn't care. No, I have no idea why it is fussy about it.

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